~ DAY 11: Angels Assemble ~

~ A Christmas Poem ~

The girl from Galilee, is now of age
Go forth now, give her a message.
The stage is set, the world will tremble
We’re called to duty, angels assemble!

I told her the message, the one He said.
This boy who’ll one day, rise from the dead.
But his mother, the girl, she’s numb with fear,
Terrified now, about all she holds dear.

I watch and listen, to her betrothed shout
She pleads innocence, but he’s still in doubt.
I appear to him, and tell him straight.
Go back home and support his mate.

Two lovers reunite, under one goal
No one better, to take on this role.
The people gossip as the baby swells
Over in Bethlehem, trouble dwells.

King Herrod is consumed, by twisted terror
Warped and scared, he makes an error.
All boys must die, no one can compete
Sends soldiers off, settling down to eat.

In Galilee, our couple must leave
To Bethlehem, not one reprieve.
A census commands, they all must show
Doesn’t stop, that baby grow.

One donkey they have, to make the trip
Mary feels now, her stomach rip.
It’s almost time, I send a warning
We can feel it, an era dawning.

I help them both, on their way
Off to the stables, they will stay.
My angels guard them, till the light
Helping Mary, win nature’s fight.

I send the wise men, follow the star
I’ll bring them all, near and far.
Three Kings bring gifts, for the child
He’ll barely know, so meek and mild.

The shepards fall, when they see
All of them, greatly fear me
I bless and keep them, with my love
Guiding them all, from Heaven above.

We stand and watch, in the lowly stable
The young couple now, part of the fable.
This boy is part, of something great
Not once will he, be consumed with hate.

Years later, he’ll die for mankind
Never forgetting, those left behind.
But now we wait, with love and hope
Somewhere near, Herrod’s men will scope.

I’ll save the boy, it’s my job
Hide him from Herod and his angry mob.
But for now I’ll stay and never leave
Til that Good Friday, when we shall grieve.

At Christmas we remember, his Holy birth
Filled with joy, hope, love and mirth.
And after he’s gone, the world still trembles.
We’ll continue his work, angels – assemble!

© By Christina Alagaratnam


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