~ Happy New Year! ~

Happy New Year Dearest Readers! Hope everyone celebrated safely and happily. Can you believe we’re in 2020? A brand new year, a brand new decade and a brand new opportunity for us all to get up of our backsides and get those creative projects up and running!

For those of you writers that have made a resolution to write some new material, why not return to some of your old work? I’m sure you can dig something up!

If I can finally get this website/blog going after so many years of neglect, you can get your ideas, projects and goals back on track.

In fact… I think I feel a blog post coming along about it! Yep. I’ll write all about how we can resurrect those dead projects of ours. Creative necromancy at its’ finest.

Stay tuned folks. And I hope this year brings great things to you all!

Let’s do this!


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  1. V says:

    Happy New Year ❤

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  2. Darina says:

    Happy new year. I hope 2020 is a prosperous one.

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    1. Thank you! All the best to you and yours for 2020


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