~ Are You Pinterested? Let’s Take A Tumblr ~

Just a quick update: I’ve impulsively created a pinterest and tumblr account!

I know it’s not 2012 anymore, but I found that when I used tumblr back in it’s heyday, it really helped organise all my creative thoughts. I’m obviously focusing a lot on the playwriting/screenwriting for this site but the tumblr blog is basically where I offload all the info about my novel.

It’s going to be a load of creative nonsense! Just GIF’s and pictures of my inspiration. I’ll probably post quotes as well.

When I was writing my fanfiction about seven years ago, I’d post all the fancast, aesthetics, set designs, costume, etc. Pinterest has such beautiful pictures. It really takes away from the stress of writing, once you have all your reflective inspiration laid out in front of you.

Don’t you think? Or am I rambling?

Anyway if you guys are still on tumblr or pinterest hit me up here:


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