I love films, the art of filmmaking, storytelling and of course, the writing that fuels the story. When watching films or a TV show, I can usually guess the ending very early on and can predict where the plot will end up. Based on the writing style alone.

So I’ve decided to do something once a month or maybe fortnightly called ‘Hot Takes.’ I’m going to take a golden nugget from a movie or TV show and hone in on what it taught me as a writer and more importantly – what you writers can learn from it. Whether you watch the show/movie or not.

I’m going to be covering all kinds of genres and styles. From Star Wars to Breaking Bad. Game of Thrones to The Sopranos. (I’m going to be doing ALOT on The Sopranos, because it taught me a great deal about being a writer!)

If you guys have any ideas of TV or movies (preferably movies because it’s easier to watch in a day than a TV series!) then drop me a recommendation in the comments or send me an email! And I’ll see if I have a ‘Hot Take’ on it.

Even the most terrible movies and shows have something we can all take from it. I’ve learned so much in what NOT to do as a writer because of some shows!

Keep an eye out and I’ll see you soon!


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  1. Darina says:

    I can totally relate. Guessing a plot happens to me all the time. I also love the idea of learning what not to do from watching movies. Good luck. I will be following the update.

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