~ Support The Arts! ~

It’s not a great time to be in ANY industry right now but currently… the arts are suffering some serious kicks to the gut.

Here we all are on the first day of my show at England’s biggest Fringe festival, Brighton Fringe, closing the festival of Summer 2018 at The Rialto Theatre. It was my birthday weekend and the debut of my play ‘Face to Face’ as a two hander.

I’ll never forget the feeling of pride that coursed through my body, those few precious days. My entire family had made the trip down to Brighton for the weekend to watch my work and it finally felt that I – as a writer and playwright – had accomplished something.

Two months later, we’d then go on to perform at the Camden Fringe Festival, London’s biggest fringe festival. This is us just before the final performance – sweating our body weight out in lieu of the biggest heatwave the country had seen in years, but fresh faced and excited to wrap up a brilliant five day run.

“Keep smiling guys, just keep smiling it’ll be over soon!”
Always thrilling to see my posters up!

Now, all the theatre and arts festivals have been cancelled thanks to Covid-19. But now while restaurants and pubs are allowed to reopen, the theatres above – or below them are to remain closed.

Understandably so, as the audiences are packed into the theatre like sardines, which is like Disneyland for the Coronavirus. `Nevertheless, when they eventually are allowed to reopen, it will take a lot of marketing and work to get our audiences back.

Pub theatres are a huge support to the theatre industry, especially in London & really helps new writers & playwrights like me. I owe a lot to pub theatres & the Fringe. Without the support of the audience, many small theatres will crumble under the strain. Not just them, but independent music halls & concert venues.

So when the theatres finally swing open their doors and lift up their curtains, please, please support them! This isn’t a call to arms for just London or the UK, but to audiences all over the world! Whether it’s watching a show or spreading the word to family and friends, it can make a difference, I promise you! Theatres rely on ticket sales and that means bums on seats! I strongly believe that we can get the the Arts up and running again if we all pull together!

Without the Arts, what would keep us entertained?

Thank you!

Love, Chrissy

x x x


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