~ Get Up! – A Poem ~

Another night with the door slammed shut
Here we go, stuck in the same old rut.
Now I lie, sprawled on the floor
I’m so sorry I wasn’t more 

I wasn’t the doctor or professional you wanted 
But I was always there when it counted.
The tears leak from my haunted eyes
Is it too late to say my goodbyes?

Then a voice emerging from the darkness 
Urging me to speak and confess
I continue to lie, broken on the floor
He emerges on the other side of the door

‘Get up!’ His voice commands
I’m in no mood for his demands
So there I lie, gazing in my mirror
I can be a warrior, no one can fear her

‘Get up!’ The voice shouts again
This time I know I can’t refrain
‘I can’t!’ I mutter in despair
But this voice I gather, does not care

‘Give me your hand!’ He Orders
Between yes and no my decision boarders 
It burns hot and full with His love
Enveloping me, like a protective glove 

Off the floor I lift myself
No longer sitting on the shelf
‘I’m not done with you yet!’ He says
Wiping my eyes, I nod, yes.

Now I stand on legs so strong
I know for sure, I’ve done no wrong
My time will come, for that I’m sure
And when it does… oh boy will I score! 


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