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2×02. From Music To Murder: Interview With EMMY® Award Winning Composer & Producer, Lucas Cantor On Carlo Gesualdo

In this episode, our special guest is an EMMY® Award Winning composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and speaker: LUCAS CANTOR We chat all about the 16th century Italian musician Carlo Gesualdo: a musical prodigy who murdered his wife, her lover and his own child.

2×01: Interview With Author Heige Boehm, Author of Secrets In The Shadows

In the opening episode of SERIES 2, we chat to author Heige Boehm. She has just released her debut novel, Secrets in the Shadows. The story is about two boys, Michael and Wolfie who are growing up in Nazi Germany and are indoctrinated into the Hitler youth. As they rise higher up the ranks, we see their eyes start to open to the absolute horror of the world they’re living in and helping to create. Heige’s work is influenced by her own parents, who grew up in Nazi Germany and then at the end of the war, they settled in east Germany. Heige was born poetically on Remembrance Day 1964 in west Germany and her family made their escape on the night the Berlin wall was built.

BONUS EPISODE: How To Pitch To Producers Without Panicking: With Special Guest – Brenden Kumarasamy From MasterTalk

In this bonus episode we chat to special guest, Brenden Kumarasamy from YouTube’s MasterTalk and fire off some questions about pitching to the big guys! Netflix, Amazon, HBO watch out! And are introverts really the best public speakers?