Christina Alagaratnam is a writer from South London, currently working in the London theatre scene.  As well as being a feature writer for online literary journals, she also runs  her own blog: Chrissy’s Notebook.

Christina has been imagining her own stories since she was old enough to dress up as Disney princesses and change the story to suit her narrative! She started her writing career quite young, when a poem of hers was published in a youth anthology, back in 2007. 

Strolling down the writing path at the University of Westminster, Christina graduated with a BA in English Literature & Creative Writing in 2014 and with an MA in Creative Writing the following year. Whilst studying for her Masters, she wrote her debut play, Darkridge for the innovative Doughnut Theatre.  Soon after, her second play, The Beach House was presented as a staged reading at the Etcetera Theatre, produced by Blackout Creative Arts.

Christina’s third play Face to Face debuted as a two hander with HiddenViewz Productions and enjoyed a successful run at the Brighton and Camden Fringe festivals, during Summer 2018.

“Christina Alagaratnam’s Face to Face is an intense sixty minutes of fascinating, thought-provoking and disturbing theatre.

Always Time For Theatre, 2018

Always eager to campaign for diversity within the Arts, Christina worked with the BAME organisation at Linklaters Lawfirm, to promote Face to Face and persons of colour within theatre. The play was performed  for a special BAME event, celebrating diversity. Christina also taught playwriting  classes at the lawfirm’s London office. 

Now, Face to Face is being expanded into a full length piece with a new theatre company, Spence-Hinds Theatre.  Alongside this, Christina was asked to write PlayFight for Orisun Productions. Both plays are set to debut next year. *

She is also writing her fifth play, Workhouse, which takes place in a dystopian Britain.

Pursuing a goal in writing for film and TV, Christina earned a Screenwriting Certificate from The London Film Academy in 2019.  She’s getting those scripts written!

This year, Christina launched her own podcast called ‘The Night Writer’ which she writes, records and produces herself. The podcast is one for the insomniacs, talking about urban legends, fairy tales, true stories, ghost stories and anything that keeps people up at night! The Night Writer can be found on Spotify, Anchor FM and YouTube.

Furthermore, Christina published her first short story on Amazon kindle, called ‘Sanctuary.’ The story was written during her MA in Creative Writing as part of an assignment. She has dedicated this short story to all the Creative Writing students, at her alumnus, The University of Westminster.