Christina’s article: Breaking Boundaries, for ENVIE! Magazine ~ 2020

Christina was pleased to feature as a guest writer for Envie magazine, where she wrote an article about her experiences in Playwriting. The article was featured in the January edition – the first issue of the decade! You can read the full article here.

Darkridge article from University of Westminster ~ 2015

Before Darkridge’s debut, the University of Westminster wrote a small feature on Christina’s internship story.

Short Story, ‘Poor Little Orphan’ from ‘The Wells Street Journal’ ~ 2015

Whilst studying at the University of Westminster, Christina was part of a team running a literary journal called The Wells Street Journal. Christina was on the marketing team and responsible for the social media promotions – mainly the twitter account.

For Issue 3, everyone on the team submitted their own work. Christina’s contribution was a short story about a teenage girl, searching the streets of London for her father.

This issue was published as a Kobo E-Book and is free to download here:

Short Story, ‘The Woman In Blue’ from ‘The London Postcard’ ~ 2015

As part of the Masters programme of Creative Writing, all students contributed to the University’s blog: The London Postcard. Sticking to her favourite genre, Christina wrote a short ghost story about a heartbroken man, who is haunted by the ghost of his late wife.

Flash Fiction, ‘When In London’ from ‘The Wells Street Journal’ ~ 2014

Christina’s very first contribution to the Wells Street Journal was a flash fiction about a young woman, struggling to navigate her way through the city.

Christina’s article ‘The Tudors: An Immortal Dynasty from ‘The Henry Tudor Society’ ~ 2014

Fresh out of University, Christina was invited to write a guest article for The Henry Tudor Society, by the bestselling author and researcher, Nathen Amin.