~ DAY 10: I’ll Be Home For Christmas ~

Day 10: Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a Victorian ghost story!

The House That Jack Built ~ A Short Story

After watching the Nicole Kidman classic, ‘The Others,’ last night on Netflix, I decided to revisit my haunted mind and publish one of my ghost stories on here. I had a little dig through my computer and found this. It was a story I started writing last year, and thought I’d upload one my shorts….

The Graveyard Park

This is an extract from a short story I’ve thrown together for Halloween. It’s inspired by Hackney Park – a park built over an old graveyard. The graves were dug up and re-buried circa 1894. There are headstones lined up against the wall, dating back to the 1700’s. They’re all clumped together in piles. Even…

The Accident

This is a short story based on a dream I had a few nights ago. It kind of stemmed into a theme of – how far will you go to fix a mistake? THE ACCIDENT It was a cold, wet January afternoon when I was startled out of my reverie. A sharp knock at the…