The Road To Nowhere Is Actually The Road To Somewhere: How The Talking Heads Song Is The Anthem For All Graduates

So the other day, I was talking with my friend about what we’re going to do with our lives. As graduates it’s a conversation we frequently banter with each other. But while were engaging in our usual chatter, which song should come on the radio? None other than Talking Heads ‘Road To Nowhere.’
You just can’t write this stuff. I then tweeted about it to my friend to which he responded…’That is not a good sign at all.’
I was conversing with him again the following day, continuing the same conversation about the uncertainness of our future, when what song should come on the radio again? My friend responded this time with ‘It’s a curse!’ But I listened to the lyrics properly this time and actually felt a surge of motivation once I’d paid attention to the song.
‘Road To Nowhere’ is a rock song that was written by for the Talking Heads by their songwriter David Byrne in 1985. My own take on this song is that it’s a song about hope in a worrying and anxious time which I, along with many of other graduates can relate to.
It’s also something that we can joke about. Ask any student what their plans are, after graduation and the guaranteed response from about 90% of them will be… ‘I don’t know.’ And that is exactly what this song is about. It’s all about the uncertainty of the future but it’s about an uncertainty that’s shared.
When I listened to the line, ‘Here is where time is on our side, take you there, take you there,’ it really did fill me with a new kind of optimism.
Time is on our side.
We don’t have to be multi-billionaires by the time we hit twenty-five. If we do – that’s brilliant. But we have all the time to figure it out on that road to nowhere. I urge you readers, you graduates or anyone who’s just contemplating a change in their future, to listen to this song whenever you feel threatened with anxiety.
Come on, let’s go and walk down that road to nowhere together!

This is Christina signing off, #TimeIsOnOurSide

Talking Heads:Road To Nowhere –


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