Beverly Hills Baby!

Day 2 Part 1  – August 1st 2016

Yes, I’m splitting Day 2 into two parts because there’s so much to cover!

Rodeo Drive

So, Rodeo Drive. It’s the main shopping district of LA. The Regent Street of Beverly Hills. If you’re a fashionista then you’ll already know – any brand name that’s not gracing the street with their over perfumed, over priced presence, is simply not fashionable enough to exist at all. (Those fashion politics tickle me every time.) So don’t expect to wonder down there and spot an H&M or dare I say it (yes I do dare) Primark! Just the mere thought of such a thing is laughable. Those shops are tucked away in ‘malls.’ High street brands, hidden away from those who can’t afford… to waste time on such shops.

rodeo drive

At least London has Oxford Street, where all the high street brands battle it out comfortably so us ‘normal’ folk can have some hope of a decent shopping trip. Oxford Street is adjacent to Regent Street so high street meets chic street, sharing the roads in joyous harmony.

Rodeo Drive offers a nice glimpse into the life you can’t afford unless you’re rich, you’re Daddy’s rich or your husband’s a high end gangster or worse – a banker. Window shopping at its finest. Juggernaut brands like Gucci, Armani, Vera Wang, Prada, Dolce & Gabana, Chanel leered over some of the smaller, cut class brands like  – Tom Ford, Kate Spade, Ted Baker and other stores with names that could’ve been plucked from your school’s register.



Nevertheless, Rodeo Drive does have a nice ambiance to it. Maybe it’s the idea of being in Beverly Hills and the sneaky hope that you might bump into someone famous – who knows! I guess it’s yet another mystery appeal of LA and the secrets it continues to keep.

Beverly hills selfie
Beverly Hills selfie! (The sign is about a ten min walk down Rodeo Drive!)



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