~ The Jolly Barman ~ A Short Story ~

Happy St. Patricks Day! I’ve written a short story in order to celebrate… and to pay tribute to everything going on in the world. Enjoy x x

~ DAY 6: Holly & Ivy ~

Day 6: A little story about how even the most broken couples, are blessed with a Christmas miracle.

The Accident

This is a short story based on a dream I had a few nights ago. It kind of stemmed into a theme of – how far will you go to fix a mistake? THE ACCIDENT It was a cold, wet January afternoon when I was startled out of my reverie. A sharp knock at the…

The Other Side of The Door

Here’s a short story I scribbled, about a couple trying to communicate with each other following a tragic accident. The Other Side of The Door It was around mid-November that the telephone started to sound like whining, bawling monster. Becky sat on her chair by the window, hunched in the corner like a wounded cat….