~ DAY 1: I Saw Mummy Killing Santa Claus ~

A Christmas Flash Fiction

Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com

Five years I old I was.

Five years old, dressed in my transformers pyjamas and standing halfway down the staircase. One hand curled around the bannister, the other, clutched Cuddles the teddy, close to my chest. I gasped into his rough fur as I watched my Mum shove a knife into Santa Claus’s back.

Santa slowly turned his head, staring straight at me as he stumbled to the floor.

I ran into the living room, crouching beside his lifeless body.

I couldn’t stop staring. As the kind policeman escorted my mother away. I couldn’t stop thinking. When the neighbours wrapped me in a blanket and scurried me away from the house.

Something wasn’t right.

Why did Santa Claus have the eyes of my father?

© By Christina Alagaratnam


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