~ DAY 2: Oh Christmas Tree ~

A Christmas Poem

Germany is where I origin,
For centuries I stood.
Queen Charlotte brought me over,
To Britain’s fair neighbourhood.

Buckingham Palace was my first home,
In this strange and foreign land.
The Hannoverians brought tradition,
Making sure I’ll always stand.

Prince Albert took me further,
I moved into every family.
Marking my place, here on out.
No Christmas without me.

They decorate my sturdy branches,
With tinsel and bright candles.
Laden down with coloured splendour,
Never more than I can handle.

I bring excitement to children,
Their happiness alight.
I bring families together,
Around me, no one will fight.

An angel or star, adorns my crown.
The final, finishing touch.
The step back and admire all,
They love me oh so much.

But before I became the icon,
The idol and the legend. 
Comes a dark truth
That I will refuse to bend.

They cut me down from my home,
My true home and my kin.
So we can show off to you all
Until we’ve shed our skin. 

© By Christina Alagaratnam


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