~ Get Up! – A Poem ~

A poem I wrote about our darkest moments & when we hear HIS voice.

~ She Will Provide ~ A Poem ~

As it’s International Women’s Day, I’d like to write something in honour. Here’s a poem, taken from a quote by Emmeline Pankhurst.

~ DAY 11: Angels Assemble ~

Day 11: Christmas Eve! The penultimate post has got to be about the Christmas story. A poem from Gabriel’s POV. Enjoy x

~ DAY 9: The Christmas Ceasefire ~

Day 9: A poem paying tribute to the Christmas Truce of 1914. Both sides put their differences aside and united for a festive game of football.

That Crimson Petal ~ A Poem

In honour of Remembrance Day, I’ve written a poem. Lest We Forget. Close your eyes and hear my whistle. Backs straight, sharp and brittle. Listen boys, to every sound.Keep those feet, light on the ground. Leaving our home, this pitiful trenchTo charge out there, amongst the stench. Bodies rot upon the grass.We can only wait…

Burnout ~ A Poem

As it’s Stress Awareness week and also Bonfire Night, I thought I’d do my part in raising awareness by writing a poem about burning out. It’s something that I, like I’m sure many of you, have experienced and are familiar with. But as a writer, I had a helpful outlet and turned to my writing…

The Candyman ~ A Poem

A little something I scribbled down for Halloween. Stay safe kids! The Candyman Many years ago, one Halloween A man laughed with his son. His spirit was high, his mind adrift, Unaware that tonight, he’d be done.   From house to house they ventured, Arms all laden with sweets. A fun evening spent together, Through…

Clinging To The Dream

A poem I just wrote because…well…do we need a reason? I’m clinging onto every dream Distant and far, so it may seem But I know if I bear enough strength The journey will shorten, every length. People laugh and mock my plans Only because they don’t understand. If I want to pursue it, I will…