~ She Will Provide ~ A Poem ~

“Trust in God… she will provide.”

– Emmeline Pankhurst

Can you sit down a minute
I have something to say.
I hear you all the time,
Now it’s International Women’s Day

We threw ourselves under horses,
Chained our bodies to a gate.
Force fed against our will,
Yet standing up to the hate.

When we are told to listen,
To surrender and obey,
The defiance starts churning
We know it’s not okay.

Stand back, don’t come closer
Do not touch me, I said no!
Are you deaf? Can you not hear?
For God’s sake, just go!

Each month we welcome, a bloody treat
A thousand years of preparation.
Reminding us to get on out there,
And do our duty to the nation.

Children are a miracle, we know
But our bodies change and shift.
Sickness, blood, pain or death
We struggle, to give you this gift.

So when we say not yet,
It is not out of spite.
It is to prepare us for a life
From which there is no respite.

We’re not cruel, or callous
Just people trying to live.
We’re more than mothers and daughters.
We have so much more to give.

Feels like I should thank you
For taking the time to listen.
I’ll walk away let you think…
Your eyes? Why do they glisten?

© By Christina Alagaratnam

Thanks for taking the time to read the poem everyone.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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