~ Theatre Review: The Prince Of Egypt Musical ~

“There can be miracles… when you believe!”

The Prince Of Egypt

On the 5th of Feb, 2020 my sister and I settled into our seats at the Dominion Theatre, Soho, London, to watch the very first preview of Dreamworks ‘The Prince of Egypt Musical.’

The tickets were a gift from one of my best friends and as this is the second time she’s helped me out (first was Hamilton!) my sister and I call her our ‘fairy- theatre godmother.’

As I’ve said across numerous social media posts, the Book of Exodus is my favourite one, out of the Old Testament at least. Why? Because it has everything. Both storytelling wise and spiritually.

As a story, you have all the arcs – hero and villain, all the elements – fire, water, earth, air and all the inciting incidents. The Plagues. The Passover and my personal favourite – The Parting of the Red Sea.

Ooh… I just get chills whenever I see that, whatever version of the story it is. I literally have this as my screensaver!

Whether you believe or not, there is no denying that the story of Moses and his quest to free the Hebrews from a lifetime of slavery, is an amazing tale that people keep returning to again and again.

Add some amazing songs into the mix and boom! You’ve got every theatre goer frothing at the mouth.

I’ve been a part of the theatre industry for about five years now and I know well enough, that opening nights are basically a rehearsal. Sure enough, we were given a lovely introduction by the Director Scott Schwartz. He told us that we were effectively the test audience and the first in the UK to see this amazing production.

Luke Brady and Liam Tamme play the parts of Moses and Rameses with raw conviction. Two brothers torn apart by blood and belief. And behind all great men, are great women. Propping them up on their journeys are Christine Allado and Tanisha Spring, who play the roles of Tzipporah and Queen Nerfatari spectacularly.

Despite it being the very first performance, the cast barely put a foot wrong. There were a few hiccups here and there but it’s nothing that can’t be forgiven!

If you’re in the London area or UK bound, go check out this fabulous show, now playing at The Dominion Theatre!

You can get tickets here!


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