~ DAY 3: Santa Claus Ain’t Coming To Town ~

~ A Christmas Poem ~

I won’t watch out,
And I don’t shout.
I will not howl.
I’m telling you now.

Santa Claus Ain’t coming to town.

He won’t see me when I’m sleeping,
He doesn’t care if I’m awake.
We don’t have any central heating,
Or food, for goodness sake!

Santa Claus Ain’t coming to town.

Five of us huddled under a sheet,
Another day with nothing to eat,
Mum tries to decorate a tree,
For the little ones, not me.

Santa Claus Ain’t coming to town.

Christmas Day is creeping close,
Will we enjoy, God only knows.
Dad brings us a ham to eat,
To pay it off, he had to cheat.

Santa Claus Ain’t coming to town.

Bundled under jumpers, we shiver
Staring outside at the dirty river.
Is Santa riding his sleigh above?
Doesn’t he want to give us his love?

Christmas Eve we sit together,
Braving the bitter, biting, weather.
Trying to hear the bells in the sky,
And find an excuse, an answer, why?

Santa Claus Ain’t coming to town.

Closing my eyes, but I can’t sleep.
The little ones won’t make a peep.
Still clinging onto the hope,
That Santa’s coming down, with his rope.

Santa Claus Ain’t coming to town.

A noise outside startles me,
I race to the window, to see.
A man dressed in red and white,
With a smile shining oh so bright.

Santa Claus….

© By Christina Alagaratnam

* Little Note:

Thanks for reading my poem everyone.

Not every family will be enjoying a Merry Christmas this year and unlike my poem, it’s doubtful that Santa will make an appearance. There are some wonderful charities that support children and families in need. Especially during Christmas, every little penny, every donation helps. Here are just some of the charities below.

Thank you everyone and Merry Christmas x

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