Thank You Doughnut Productions!

So today has been a week since my play Darkridge by Doughnut Productions opened. It’s been such a roller coaster of a year and this has been the highlight! Later on I’ll talk more about the play and being an official playwright. But right now, I just want to send a massive thank you to everyone who helped bring the play to life. My job was to create the skeleton… others played Frankenstein and created the monster!
I also would like to thank my family and friends for supporting me the entire time and backing my dream as a writer.
Doughnut Productions recognized a passion in me which I had suppressed due to self-esteem issues. But now I am more confident than ever about my future as a writer. Yes, it might take time – but I know that if you’re passionate about something – nothing is impossible!

Last night of Darkridge - a full house!
  Last night of Darkridge – a full house!

Being recognised as ‘the writer’ for a play which people seemed to enjoy – is the most spectacular feeling. Standing in front of an audience who has watched something you wrote, is an emotional journey. I admit, I’ve been very emotional recently, thinking about the entire journey. Right from meeting Kate and Andy at Doughnut, to the very end…. leaving the theatre with a bunch of flowers clutched in my hand.
I always yearned to see my work brought to life… never did I think that opportunity would come to me at 23!
When I was on my way home from rehearsal one evening, ELO’s ‘Hold on tight to your dreams,’ blared through my car radio and I thought… this is no coincidence!


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