My Play – Darkridge

I’m very pleased to announce that a play I have written for the amazing Doughnut Productions, is to be performed at 3 Mills Film Studio, Stratford, London, on the 16th and 18th of September.

It all started off with an internship for my Masters degree and the two wonderful folk at Doughnut – Kate Austen and Andy Cooper took a huge gamble with me and asked me to write a play for them!
I cannot thank them enough for this incredible opportunity!

It’s a horror play called Darkridge, set in an abandoned Victorian asylum. The brilliance of Doughnut Theatre is the amazing, unique set design they’ve conjuired. It’s a wrap around theatre where the audience are seated on swivel seats! You won’t have to crane your neck anymore!

Darkridge - playing on Sept 16th &18th
Darkridge – playing on Sept 16th &18th

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  1. This sounds so exciting Christina! I’ve just been to the Doughnut Productions website and I’m loving the swivel seats. As a playwright, do you ever observe rehearsals or do you let the team get on with it and just go along to a performance? Both the play and the performance space sound right up my street, so I’ll do my best to see one of the shows!


    1. Hi! Thank you so much for checking out Doughnut! They’ll be so pleased!
      As a playwright I’m very lucky, because I’m kept involved. I attended the auditions and I observe rehearsals too. It’s always fun because you can see your play take shape over a time. I’m also sitting in an audience observation so I get to see a little of how the space is. It’s very intense!
      If you come to a show, you must let me know!


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